Sinharaja Buffer Zone Conservation Project


To the North of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest, several fragmented Rainforests such as Delwala Rainforest, Kudumiriya Rainforest and Sooriyakande Rainforest exist. These were once a contiguous single giant Rainforest belonging to Sinharaja Mukalana. However, during colonial times, the Rainforests were cut down to grow Tea and other crops. Recently, urbanization, mini-hydro projects and the increasing Tea and Palm Oil plantations are threatning the very survival of these Rainforests and ecroaching upon them day by day. To halt the destruction of Rainforest and to increase the Bio-Diversity and promote movement of wildlife, Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka has embarked on an ambitious project to create Buffer Zones and Bio-Diversity Corridors between these fragmented Rainforests. The project aims to purchase private forested or degraded land in Northern Sinharaja region, restore the forest and permanently protect it for future generations. Click here to View Google Satellite Map of the Area.

Current Project

As of September 1, 2016, a 15 acre virgin Rainforest and a 11 acre Rainforest in private land is available for conservation in this region. We are Urgently seeking to Protect this piece of Rainforest. The land consists of endangered native vegetation and is surrounded by streams that feed into several rivers. Therefore, it has a high conservation value and protecting this unique habitat will be a step forward towards creating Bio-Diversity corridors between Sinharaja and nearby fragmented Rainforests as well as protecting our catchment areas. Currently, Rainforests in this region are facing increasing pressure from encroaching tea and palm oil plantations. Virgin Rainforest land such as this property are decreasing day by day. We do not want the Rainforest on this land to be destroyed. But it may very soon, unless we act now!

Amount Needed: Rs. 4,500,000 (US$ 35,000)
Amount Raised:   Rs.   117,000 (US$ 900) as of September 1, 2016

To Donate towards purchasing and protecting this virgin Rainforest habitat, please remit your donation to our account below. Further, please email us your name, date and donation amount to issue a recognition certificate for you.

Account Name: Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka
Bank Name: PABC Bank (Pan Asia Bank)
Bank Account#: 50-502122-02-18
Branch code: 5189 (Ratmalana)

International donors can either use Bank Wire Transfer to the above account or donate through our PayPal account below.

Please contact us - if you have any questions.

Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka is an Enviornmental Organization Registered with Central Environmental Authority (CEA) Registration# 6/6/17/01/146