About Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka

Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka is a non-profit volunteer organization with a mission to protect the last remaining rainforests in Sri Lanka such as Sinharaja and Kanneliya rainforests through conservation projects and environmental activism. The volunteers of Rainforest Protectors also engage in investitation and reporting, ready to respond to urgent threats faced by our rainforests and wildlife.

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Conservation of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest

Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest is the last virgin rainforest left in Sri Lanka. While many fragmented rainforest patches exist, none of them can match the endemism of Sinharaja Rainforest. To protect the virgin Sinharaja Rainforest, we have carried out many campaigns to stop encroachment as well as destruction of its streams for mini-hydro projects. Further, we intend to setup a Conservation Centre on the way to the main entrance in Kudawa where future conservation work can be carried out effectively. We request individual and corporate sponsors to contact us and help protect Sinharaja Rainforest for future generations.

Rainforest Protectors Wish List

Support our organization and volunteers with the equipment, gear and supplies needed to protect the rainforests in Sri Lanka and reforest degraded land to recreate the natural ecosystems.
  • Digital Projector for presentations
  • Drone with Camera to film deforestation evidence
  • Lorry to transport plants (once or twice a month)
  • Van or similar for transport facilities to volunteers
  • Power tools such as grass cutters and augers
  • GPS equipment such as Garmin eTrex 30
  • Environment books to distribute among students
If you can donate any of the above items please Click here to Contact Us

Partnering Community / Area Level Organizations

We work closely with local villagers and community leaders to identify environmental issues that threaten the livelyhoods of local communities. Below are some of the community organizations we work with.
  • Naththandiya Parisaraya Surakeeme Sanvidhaanaya
  • Dehiowita Jana Ayitheen Surakeeme Sanvidhanaya
  • Kegalla District Parisara Sanvidhana Ekamuthuwa
  • Katupol Virodhee Jaathika Sanvidaana Ekamuthuwa
  • Daduruoya Surakeeme Sanvidhaanaya
  • Nature Friends Sri Lanka
  • Kalawana Paarisarika Padanama
  • Sinharaja Sumithuro - Rakwana